This is a high end lead generation tool which collects information through a form and dynamically calculates an amount. Such a form can be built for any industry and it can be placed on any website.

The form generates and qualifies leads, it helps with SEO and saves your whole team a ton of time and money. You as the business owner have the full freedom to choose where you want it to be displayed and how you want it to look and feel.
The form is responsive and very fast. A lead can fill it out from anywhere on any device. The way each question is worded and designed allows for a seamless user experience and a higher conversion ratio. 


Step 01

Information Gathering And Calculations

The difference between our form and all other forms on the web is that it does not just gather information in a boring way. Instead, it calculates an amount based on the choices made in real time and constantly displays it to the lead. This increases the chances of a person completing the form because it gives an immediate and dynamic price. The lead can also monitor and change this price to their liking by going back in the form and choosing different options.


Step 02


When the prospect is happy with their choices and price, they can proceed to submitting the form and also having their quote and breakdown sent to their email address and phone. This is important because they now have a reason to provide their real email and phone number to you instead of fake contact information.


Step 03

Follow Up

The most important part of lead processing is to properly follow up with the prospect and convert them to a customer. This can prove difficult without automation (busy day, outside work hours, etc.). This is why this form already has an automated follow up process behind it, notifying both the lead and company to finalize their quote and complete the purchase.